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Training Materials

CARE Act Training Materials

Part 2: CARE Act Data Collection and Reporting: Mechanisms for Data Submission and SurveyMonkey Demonstration


This training was conducted for Cohort I counties who have implemented the CARE Act process. This training can be used as a resource for Cohort II counties as they plan for data collection and reporting throughout 2024. This training details county responsibilities for data submission and describes the use of SurveyMonkey and MOVEit for submitting monthly data for CARE participants. A live demonstration of the SurveyMonkey platform is provided.

This is part 2 of a 3-part series on CARE Act data collection and reporting.

Additional supplemental Resources provided include:


  • Cha Lee, Consultant, Health Management Associates
  • Karis Burnett, Consultant, Health Management Associates
  • CARE Act Process
  • Data Collection & Reporting