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Training Materials

CARE Act Training Materials

Psychiatric Advance Directives


In this training, we review the background, purpose, and evidence of psychiatric advance directives (PADs). Additionally, we discuss the when, who, how, and what of PADs in the CARE Act process.


  • Rachel Johnson-Yates, MA, LMHC, LAC, Senior Consultant, Health Management Associates
  • Dari Pogach, JD, Senior Consultant, Health Management Associates
  • Rayshell Chambers, Co-Executive Director and COO, Painted Brain
  • Kiran Sohota, President, Concepts Forward Consulting
  • Behavioral Health
  • CARE Act Process
  • Case Worker / Case Manager
  • Counsel/Courts
  • Equitable & Person Centered Care
  • Serious Mental Illness & Evidenced-based Care