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Training Materials

CARE Act Training Materials

Role of the Family in the CARE Process


Provides an introduction to the family role in the CARE process. Discusses the ways in which family members can participate in the CARE process, including as the petitioner, volunteer supporter, or through informal support. Details action steps for families involved in the CARE process to support their family member.


  • Barry Jacobs, PSYD, Principal, Health Management Associates
  • Linda Mimms, Public Policy and Communications Professional, Serious Brain Disorders Advocate, Vice Chair, Schizophrenia & Psychosis Action Alliance
  • Shay Franco-Clausen, Family Member and Peer with Lived Experience, Principal, Shay Franco-Clausen Consulting
  • Behavioral Health
  • CARE Act Basics
  • CARE Act Process
  • Equitable & Person Centered Care
  • Other
  • Policy/Advocacy
  • Serious Mental Illness & Evidenced-based Care
  • Volunteer Supporter